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Woman's World + FIRST

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I contribute blurbs on the latest celebrity media including: books, music, movies, tv shows & podcasts for FIRST for Women's monthly Feel Good File spread—as well as reporting and research for celebrity features and cover stories

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I pitch ideas weekly of new fashion trends and write blurbs about each item that reflect ways to style the pieces and easily incorporate them into a wardrobe without going over budget—along with a sidebar of fashion tips that pertain to the main theme


Media Guide

I contribute to Woman's World's Media Guide by researching and writing about current celebrity content including: books, music, movies, tv shows, podcasts—as well as the 'It Happened This Week' sidebar of significant pop culture events that happened in history each week

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I write long form stories about real people who are making life-changing differences in the lives of others around the world along with coinciding sidebars of proactive ways readers can spread joy in their own communities—as well as hero and health stories  

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I write five book reviews of each week's best new books ranging from a variety of genres—like Women's fiction, Cozy mystery, Romance, Historical fiction, Nonfiction, Memoir and Self-help

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Special Interest Publications

I contributed to Woman's World's Special Interest Publications—Animal Heroes, 5-Minute Romance, Mini Mysteries—with roundups of Instagram famous animals and interviews with well-known authors

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